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Lunarium 2 : Adventure Game Research

 As I was beginning to think about how cut scenes might be seamlessly integrated into the VR experience I thought about all of the really great adventure games I have played over the years. Although I will continue this research to hone my game, I began by storyboarding Monkey Island By watching a walkthrough on YouTube and then continued by watching walkthroughs Of Grim Fandango, The Day of the Tentacle and The Dig.  I had researched puzzle adventure App such as Lumocity which tells the story of how the player is trying to track their grandads whereabouts but looking at these classic examples of really engaging storytelling was pretty inspirational and sets the bar really high for the project.  Each game walkthrough demonstrated how cutscenes work to effectively progress the game narrative within the game play. Monkey Island Walkthrough  The Making of Monkey Island  Monkey Island Grim Fandango  The Day of the Tentacle  The Dig 

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