Rebrand & CV Design

Interactive CV Pdf 

For a while now I have been thinking about how to bring my commercial and experimental projects aesthetically closer together. I am influenced by the simplicity of Japanese style, 1920’s typography and papery tactile aesthetics as well as simple engineering, play, games and well.. enjoying the experience. 

I recently redesigned my Creative CV which meant that I needed to present many aspects of my portfolio, from creative media (illustration/animation/app development), interaction design, game making (gamification), instructional design and my immersive research interests. 

I began with defining a simple colour palette, using a ‘papery’ colour as a background. 

I decided to use Le Havre which is a beautiful, simplistic type font which resonates with 1920’s aesthetics. 

I then added a track that represents the journey through the CV (whose  concept was taken from the video that explains how the new corona virus might work). 

I added button like features as I wanted to connect my online portfolios and blogs to my CV, to save the documents as an interactive PDF as well as a print document (thinking about how the document might be accessed and distributed). 

I then added the logo and this made me think about a ball rolling around the track which led to me thinking about the mechanics and gravity of the ball falling through the CV.. following a similar track to the reader as they might read mŷ CV. 

I added mechanisms that would interact with the ball, giving it force to move through the track to the end point. 

The final results are here; (I\ve blanked out the content for security reasons). 

I am now thinking about how I might make this into a short animation and then a game (using Unity 2D) to complete the project. 


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