VR Instruction : Engage

 This morning I spent some time getting to grips with the basic functionality of Engage. https://techbuzzireland.com/2018/12/13/irish-software-firm-launch-virtual-reality-learning-tool-engage-vr-irve-nokia-intel/

The big challenge at the moment is working out how to a) ensure clinicians complete essential compliance training (so they can practice) and b) train up new apprentices and HCA’a who are much needed in helping the service right now.

The free version of this app will allow users with an aculus quest headset to sit in virtual lectures that demonstrate information through a combination of screen presentations (on virtual screens) and Vietual Effects that include 3D models while a presenter (a real person in which an avatar simulated their actions) delivers the lecture. The software is also able to record attendance and allow the instructor to test knowledge through quizzes. 

I like it. 

I watched while I thought about how this could be basically developed in Unity for class o submission I entered for my MA via a YouTube clip and had a play around with the 3D artefacts . 

To be honest, although it be developed in unity, I love the UI and its usability.

I’m going to look into the pro version. If I were able to construct my own environments and deliver to selected students, it could be a suitable solution for many challenged to deliver remote instruction in an immersive, interactive format. 


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