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Lunarium Review March 2021

Development Track  Project X       Wheels_New_39 Project File      Lunarium2 Project File Wheels_New_39 Project File Lunarium Gear VR     Jan 20 - Mar 20  Lunarium Oculus Go  Mar 20 - Jun 20  Lunarium PC Feb 20 - May 20 Lunarium Quest   Jul 20  Lunarium WebGL VR1 - VR25    Lunarium 2 Project File  Lunarium_PC_06_V55_01 to Lunarium_PC_06_V55_36 April 2020 Lunarium Quest 01 to Lunarium Quest 09 July 2020 Lunarium Quest Link Rift 01 to Lunarium Quest Link Rift 02 Aug 20 - Nov 20  Additional test Scenes     Enter Scene (Room 1)  Aug 20 Top Tent Cut Scenes Sep 20 Unity Tests  Machine Learning  Heart Anatomy  Teleportation  Hand Interaction   Current Development : Unity 2019.4.5f1 Having developed Lunarium for android devices where optimisation was key, I had got to the point where I had Lunarium installed on my headset at Alpha Channel on Oculus, completed all the publication documents and put together a marketing file. I knew that the app needed alot of work, particularly around interacti

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